Expanded Mesh | Material


Working with one of the industry leaders in manufacturing expanded metal mesh. With over twenty years’ experience specialising in processing and powder coating of steel and anodising aluminium meshes. The expanded mesh can be produced in aluminium, steel, stainless steel, copper and other materials, and with different thicknesses depending on the technical parameters required by the project and the customer.
The expanded metal mesh and sheets can be used not only for cladding or false ceilings but also to separate and decorate all environments. The colour is not just a coating but is designed to offer special aesthetics effects making any project more valuable. Besides having all the colours of RAL available, it is also possible to customised with unique colours or innovative effects. The powder coatings applied are high resistance, non-toxic and the materials used are 100% recyclable.


With Zero Gravity Eden, the expanded and painted metal meshes are transformed into a wonderful green facade, able to provide thermal and acoustic insulation, as well as a remarkable aesthetic impact. This is a patented system consisting of customizable modules, within which any kind of vegetable species can grow: from decorative to aromatic plants to real orchards.
Samples are available to be viewed at our Showroom in Warrington. Brochure and technical details available on request.